Batchelor and Hill Prizes

Professor Detlef Lohse


The G K Batchelor Prize for 2012, sponsored by the Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Cambridge University Press, is awarded to Professor Detlef Lohse of the Technical University of Twente, the Netherlands. Professor Lohse receives the prize for his outstanding research on a wide range of fundamental fluid mechanics, including bubble sonoluminescence, turbulent convection, multiphase flow and microfluid dynamics, and for technological applications. Using innovative laboratory experiments, coupled with theoretical and numerical calculations, Professor Lohse has made significant advances that have provided new understanding of the underlying physics of these many different flows. For more information, go to

Professor Hujan Gao

The Rodney Hill Prize for 2012, founded and sponsored by Elsevier Limited and awarded under the auspices of IUTAM, is awarded to Professor Hujan Gao of Brown University, USA. Professor Gao receives the prize for his deep and broad scientific achievements in basic solid mechanics and its bridge to other fields, which has re-defined the modern frontiers of mechanics research. His work includes fundamental theory as well as applications to materials science, nanotechnology, and bioengineering. His highly cited publications appear not only in the major solid mechanics journals but also in many high-profile, cross-disciplinary journals. For more information, go to