Elsevier Distinguish Lectures in Mechanics

IUTAM would like to inform you about the “Elsevier Distinguish Lectures in Mechanics” series, which are hosted by Elsevier and organized at New Jersey Institute of Technology through the Granular Science Laboratory.

The first lecture, which took place in April 2008, was given by Prof. Achenbach, while on April 19th of this year, Prof. John Hutchinson gave the lecture. As a matter of information, an earlier lecture by Prof. Bruno Boley on Raymond Mindlin was given in 2007. One of the objective of the Lecture Series is to archive talks by prominent mechanicians for the community. Towards this end, DVD’s of all of these lectures have been produced by Anthony D. Rosato, Prof. of Mechanical Engineering, Director of the Granular Science Laboratory, New Jersey Institute of Technology Newark, NJ, Phone/Fax: 973-596-5829, E-mail: rosato@njit.edu