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IUTAM Symposium on Creep in structures

18 – 22 Sept 2023
Magdeburg, Germany
Symposium Chairman: Prof. Holm Altenbach
IUTAM Representative: Prof. Bernhard Schrefler

Creep mechanics deals with  theoretical and experimental approaches to the analysis of time-dependent changes of stress and strain states in engineering components up to the critical stage of rupture.  Since 1960 there is a tradition to organize IUTAM symposium ”Creep in Structures” every ten years: 1960 – Stanford, 1970 – Gothenburg, 1980 – Leicester, 1990 – Cracow, and 2000 – Nagoya. The IUTAM symposium “Advanced Materials Modelling for Structures”, held in Paris in 2012, was continuation and a new version of “Creep in Structures” with the focus on new materials and on generalized and unified models of inelastic deformation.


Areas of the symposium include, but are not limited to:

During the last decade, many advances and new results in the field of creep mechanics were established. Examples include: interlinks of mechanics with materials science in multi-scale analysis of deformation and damage mechanisms over a wide range of stresses and temperature;  development and analysis of new alloys for (ultra)high-temperature applications; formulation and calibration of advanced constitutive models of inelastic behavior under transient loading and temperature conditions; development of efficient procedures and machine learning techniques for identification of material parameters in advanced constitutive laws; introduction of gradient-enhanced and non-local theories to account for damage and fracture processes; and application of new experimental methods, such as digital image correlation, for the analysis of inelastic deformation under multi-axial stress state.

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