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IUTAM Symposium on Rapid granular flows and turbulent particle suspensions

21-25 Jan 2024
IIT Bombay, Mumbai, India
Symposium Chairperson: Prof. Devang V Khakhar
IUTAM Representative: Prof. Meheboob Alam

Interactions amongst inertial particles, and between inertial particles and fluid turbulence, are of relevance in geophysical flows such as sand and dust storms, landslides and snow avalanches, as well as industrial applications involving fluidisation and pneumatic transport. These rapid granular flows and turbulent suspensions are complex and difficult to model for multiple reasons. The effect of inter-particle interactions on flow dynamics have been modelled using a statistical mechanical approach for determining the collective flow dynamics. Statistical models are also used for turbulent gas-particle flows, where particles interact with turbulent eddies of different length scales.

The objectives are to address the development in particle-based simulations for increasing the flow scale and resolution, a better representation of physics at the microscopic scale for the particles and turbulence and for uncovering new phenomena. Models for the large scale flows, model development based on statistical mechanics and the incorporation of new physics at the microscale are topics of interest.  The systems of interest include simple geometries such as shear flows as well as more complex geometries related to applications in geophysics and industry. Validation of models against experiments, and the use of experiments to detect novel phenomena and guide simulations and modelling will also be a focus of this conference.


Areas of the symposium include, but are not limited to:

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