ICTAM 2000 Poster

Billy Morrow Jackson, 1998

Billy_Morrow_JacksonMeters of Motion, a watercolor by Champaign-Urbana artist Billy Morrow Jackson, is the basis for the poster announcing the 20th International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, to be held in Chicago in August of the year 2000.  These international congresses, initiated in 1924, have visited many of the great cities of the world: Copenhagen, Delft, Grenoble, Haifa, Istanbul, Kyoto, London, Moscow, Paris, Stockholm, Toronto, and Zürich among them.  They are the ‘Olympic Games’ of the science of mechanics, international forums where scientists and engineers from around the world meet every four years to present and discuss the latest results in the oldest of the physical sciences, the science of mechanics.

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Jackson’s image depicts several of the giants of mechanics.

Hassan Aref, January 1999