IUTAM-ISTAM-Prof. Hashin wins 2012 Benjamin Franklin Medal

It is a great pleasure to announce that Professor Zvi Hashin has been selected as the recipient of the 2012 Benjamin Franklin Medal in Mechanical Engineering from The Franklin Institute. Prof. Zvi Hashin at Tel Aviv University was a past President of ISTAM (Israel Society for Theoretical and Applied Mechanics) which is an adhering organization of IUTAM. He was also a very active member of IUTAM.

The Franklin Institute Awards Program dates back to 1824 and encompasses the Benjamin Franklin Medals in seven disciplines of science and engineering and two Bower Awards – one in Scientific Achievement and one in Business. The list of past Franklin Institute Laureates reads like a Who’s Who in 19th, 20th, and 21st century science and engineering, including luminaries Marie and Pierre Curie, Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, Max Planck, Orville Wright, Albert Einstein, Marshall Nirenberg, Stephen Hawking, Allen Newell, Ralph Cicerone, Jane Goodall, Don Norman, Steven Squyres and Bill Gates. Recent recipients of the Benjamin Franklin Medal in Mechanical Engineering are: Dean Kamen (2011), D. Brian Spalding (2010), Richard Robbins (2009, Engineering), Merton Flemings (2007), Ray Clough (2006, Civil Engineering), Peter Vail (2005), Roger Bacon (2004), and Charles Thornton (2003, Civil Engineering).

For more information on The Franklin Institute Awards program, please visit: www.fi.edu/franklinawards