Jan D. Achenbach

We report with great sorrow that Jan D. Achenbach, a former member of the Congress Committee (1986-1994), a member of the Symposia Panel for Solid Mechanics (1988-2000) and its Chair (2000-2008), as well as a member (1996-1998) and finally Member-at-Large (2008-2020) of the General Assembly of IUTAM, passed away on 22 August 2020. He made seminal contributions to applied mechanics, working in the fields of dynamic fracture, structural acoustics and the mechanics of composites. Among his most important achievements is the development of methods of quantitative nondestructive evaluation of materials.

An obituary of Jan Achenbach can be found on the website of the McCormick School of Engineering, Northwestern University, where he worked for five decades: https://www.mccormick.northwestern.edu/news/articles/2020/08/professor-emeritus-jan-d-achenbach-passes-away.html.