Non-discrimination policy

In accordance with the IUTAM Statutes, in pursuing its objectives IUTAM shall observe the basic policy of non-discrimination and affirm the rights of scientists throughout the world to adhere to or to associate with international scientific activity without regard to race, religion, political philosophy, ethnic origin, citizenship, language or sex.

The principal objectives of IUTAM are

  1. to form a link between persons and organizations engaged in scientific work in all branches of theoretical and applied mechanics and related sciences, including analytical, computational and experimental investigations;
  2. to organize international congresses of theoretical and applied mechanics through a standing Congress Committee, and to organize other international meetings for subjects falling within the field of theoretical and applied mechanics;
  3. to engage in other activities meant to promote development of mechanics, both theoretical and applied, as a branch of science.

In all its decisions the General Assembly of IUTAM shall be guided by the tradition of free international scientific cooperation.

The General Assembly adopted the following resolution. A diverse and inclusive scientific community, that brings together the widest range of talents, backgrounds, perspectives and experiences, maximises scientific innovation and creativity. IUTAM seeks to uphold principles of inclusivity and diversity, to defend the free and responsible practice of science, to promote equitable opportunities and to oppose all forms of discrimination. The objectives of IUTAM are best achieved by ensuring that diversity and inclusion are integral to its membership and activities.