Virtual meeting of the General Assembly of IUTAM

The General Assembly of IUTAM met remotely by electronic means on 25-26 August 2020. The virtual meeting was organized and chaired by IUTAM President Nadine Aubry of Tufts University via the ZOOM online platform, with the technical support of Tufts IT staff. The meeting went smoothly, with very few connection problems reported.

The agenda of the virtual meeting encompassed all items usually addressed during General Assembly meetings, including

· brief reports by the Secretary-General, Treasurer, and Secretary of the Congress Committee;

· decisions on annual dues, matters regarding adhering, associate and affiliated organizations, and future IUTAM Symposia and Summer Schools;

· elections of new Members of the Bureau, Congress Committee, and Symposia Panels and new Members-at-Large.

The election results take effect from November 1, 2020 and will be introduced to the IUTAM website at the end of October.