Affiliated Organizations

International organizations mainly occupied in fields closely related to that of IUTAM can be admitted by the General Assembly as affiliated organizations of the Union.

Each affiliated organization has the right to appoint an observer, who is invited to take part in the General Assembly without voting rights. The IUTAM Bureau has the reciprocal right to appoint a nonvoting observer to the corresponding council or other executive body of the affiliated organization.

The affiliated organization and IUTAM are mutually obliged to keep each other informed about all important activities of and organizational measures taken. In organizing international scientific meetings the Union and each of the affiliated organizations are obliged to consider carefully all measures already taken by the Union and its affiliated organizations in order to coordinate such international scientific activities. Affiliated organizations pay no annual dues to the Union.

AFMC (1982)
Asian Fluid Mechanics Committee
Center for Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, Indian Institute of Science, 560012, Bangalore, India
President/Chair: Prof. Ganapati Shankar Bhat
Representative of AFMC in IUTAM: Prof. Ganapati Shankar Bhat
Representative of IUTAM in AFMC: Prof. Frédéric Dias

BICTAM (2010)
Beijing International Center for Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 15 Beisihuanxi Road, 100190, Beijing, China
President/Chair: Prof. Jiachun Li
President/Chair: Prof. Wei Yang
Representative of BICTAM in IUTAM: Prof. Wei Yang
Representative of IUTAM in BICTAM: Prof. Narinder Gupta

CISM (1970)
International Centre for Mechanical Sciences
Palazzo del Torso, Piazza Garibaldi, I-33100 , Udine, Italy
President/Chair: Mario Pezzetta
Secretary: Prof. Bernhard Schrefler
Representative of CISM in IUTAM: Prof. Bernhard Schrefler
Representative of IUTAM in CISM: Prof. Frédéric Dias

European Mechanics Society
4 impasse Nikola Tesla, CS 40006, 13453, Marseille Cedex 13, France
President/Chair: Prof. GertJan van Heijst
Secretary: Prof. Jacques Magnaudet
Representative of EUROMECH in IUTAM: Prof. Patrick Huerre
Representative of IUTAM in EUROMECH: Prof. Norman Fleck

International Association for Hydromagnetic Phenomena and Applications
, Germany
President/Chair: Prof. Alban Pothérat
Secretary: Prof. André Thess
Representative of HYDROMAG in IUTAM: Prof. Alban Pothérat
Representative of IUTAM in HYDROMAG: Prof. Keith Moffatt

IABEM (1994)
International Association for Boundary Element Methods
, Austria
President/Chair: Prof. Martin Schanz
Representative of IABEM in IUTAM: Prof. Naoshi Nishimura
Representative of IUTAM in IABEM: Prof. Naoshi Nishimura

IACM (1984)
International Association for Computational Mechanics
International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering , Edificio C-1, Gran Capitán s/n, E-08034 , Barcelona, Spain
President/Chair: Prof. Wing Kam Liu
Secretary: Prof. Antonio Huerta
Representative of IACM in IUTAM: Prof. Pierre Ladevèze
Representative of IUTAM in IACM: Prof. Eduardo de Arantes e Oliveira

IASCM (2014)
International Association for Structural Control and Monitoring
Secretary: Prof. Sami Masri
Representative of IASCM in IUTAM: Prof. Sami Masri
Representative of IUTAM in IASCM: Prof. Robert Seifried

IAVSD (1977)
International Association for Vehicle System Dynamics
Institute of Mechanics and Mechatronics, TU Wien, Getreidemarkt 9, 1060, Vienna, Austria
President/Chair: Prof. Tim Gordon
Secretary: Prof. Manfred Plöchl
Representative of IAVSD in IUTAM: Prof. Mats Berg
Representative of IUTAM in IAVSD: Prof. Robert Seifried

ICA (1998)
International Commission for Acoustics

President/Chair: Prof. Michael Taroudakis
Contact: Dr Michael Stinson
Secretary: Dr Michael Stinson
Representative of ICA in IUTAM: Prof. Andrew Norris
Representative of IUTAM in ICA: Prof. Andrew Norris

ICF (1978)
International Congress on Fracture
, Utsunomiya, Japan
President/Chair: Prof. Shouwen Yu
Secretary: Prof. A.T. Yokobori Jr.
Representative of ICF in IUTAM: Prof. Leslie Banks-Sills
Representative of IUTAM in ICF: Prof. Jean-Baptiste Leblond

ICHMT (1972)
International Centre for Heat and Mass Transfer
Mechanical Engineering Dept., Middle East Technical University, 6531, Ankara, Turkey
President/Chair: Prof. Kemal Hanjalić
Secretary: Prof. Faruk Arinc
Representative of ICHMT in IUTAM: Prof. Faruk Arinc
Representative of IUTAM in ICHMT: Dr. Rudolf Dvorák

ICM (1982)
International Congress on Mechanical Behaviour of Materials,
, Germany
President/Chair: Prof. Oliver Kraft
Secretary: Prof. Toshihiko Hoshide
Representative of ICM in IUTAM: Prof. Soo Woo Nam

ICR (1974)
International Committee on Rheology
International Committee on Rheology
President/Chair: Prof. Hiroshi Watanabe
Secretary: Prof. Gerald Fuller
Contact: Prof. Gerald Fuller
Representative of ICR in IUTAM: Prof. Gary Leal
Representative of IUTAM in ICR: Prof. Gareth McKinley

ICTS (2002)
International Congresses on Thermal Stresses
St. Raphael, Apt. 1209, 7117 Pelican Bay Blvd., Fl 34108, Naples, USA
President/Chair: Prof. Richard Hetnarski
Secretary: Prof. Theodore Tauchert
Representative of ICTS in IUTAM: Prof. Richard Hetnarski
Representative of IUTAM in ICTS: Prof. Masato Abe

IIAV (1997)
International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Auburn University, 201 Ross Hall, AL 36849, Auburn, USA
President/Chair: Prof. Jorge Arenas
Contact: Prof. Malcolm Crocker
Secretary: Nicole Kessissoglou
Representative of IIAV in IUTAM: Prof. Malcolm Crocker
Representative of IUTAM in IIAV: Prof. Jan Achenbach

IMSD (2014)
International Association for Multibody System Dynamics

President/Chair: Prof. John McPhee
Secretary: Prof. Javier Cuadrado
Representative of IMSD in IUTAM: Prof. Peter Eberhard
Representative of IUTAM in IMSD: Prof. Werner Schiehlen

ISIMM (1977)
International Society for the Interaction of Mechanics and Mathematics
, Austria
President/Chair: Prof. Giuseppe Saccomandi
Secretary: Prof. Giuseppe Tomassetti
Representative of ISIMM in IUTAM: Prof. Alain Goriely
Representative of IUTAM in ISIMM: Prof. Felix Chernousko

ISSMO (1996)
International Society for Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization
Civil Engineering Department, Johns Hopkins University, 3400 N. Charles St., MD 21218, Baltimore, USA
President/Chair: Prof. Gengdong Cheng
Contact: Prof. Niels Olhoff
Secretary: Prof. James K. Guest
Representative of ISSMO in IUTAM: Prof. James K. Guest
Representative of IUTAM in ISSMO: Prof. Niels Olhoff

Latin American and Caribbean Conference on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
The Department of Math and Computer Science, The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine , Trinidad, West Indies
President/Chair: Prof. Harold Ramkissoon
Contact: Prof. Harold Ramkissoon
Secretary: Dr. Donna Comissiong
Representative of LACCOTAM in IUTAM: Dr. Sreedhara Rao Gunakala
Representative of IUTAM in LACCOTAM: Prof. Atila P.S. Freire

WCB (2016)
World Council of Biomechanics
Sorbonne Universités, Université de Technologie de Compiègne, UMR CNRS 7338, CS60319, 60203, Compiegne, France
President/Chair: Prof. Dominique Barthès-Biesel
Secretary: Prof. Susan Margulies
Representative of WCB in IUTAM: Prof. Peter Hunter
Representative of IUTAM in WCB: Prof. Timothy Pedley