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ICTAM brings together the mechanics community together every 4 years, while IUTAM Symposia assemble active scientists within a well-defined field in the intervening period. IUTAM Summer Schools have an educational focus.

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Upcoming ICTAM

The 26th International Congress of Theoretical & Applied Mechanics

25 – 30 Aug 2024

Daegu, South Korea


ICTAM Congress

ICTAM, The International Congress in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, is a premier global event that brings together researchers of all ages and nationalities to identify and discuss the research frontiers in mechanics. Emerging topics and interfaces with other scientific fields are highlighted.

Endorsed Events

IUTAM endorses events such as conferences in fields that are relevant to IUTAM.
If you wish to have IUTAM endorse a meeting or other event please contact the Secretary-General.

IUTAM endorsed events will be posted here.
IUTAM Symposia

IUTAM Symposia assemble active scientists within a well-defined field for the development of science in that field. IUTAM Summer Schools are organized mainly for young scientists and have an educational focus. Those wishing to participate in an IUTAM symposium should contact the Chairperson of the Scientific Committee of the Symposium in advance of the meeting.

Every two years a call is launched on the IUTAM website for submitting proposals for IUTAM Symposia and Summer Schools in both fluid and solid mechanics, including dynamics. Prospective organisers submit a proposal, and can request up to $5000 from IUTAM toward the organisation of the Symposium, especially to support younger researchers. Publication of proceedings is optional.

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