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The International Congress in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (ICTAM) attracts a diverse community of researchers from mathematics to engineering and applied sciences. It is held every 4 years in a wide range of locations.

Upcoming ICTAM
The 26th International Congress of Theoretical & Applied Mechanics
25 – 30 Aug 2024
Daegu, South Korea
The History

Theodore von Karman and his sister Josephine organised a highly successful conference in Innsbruck in September 1922 on hydrodynamics and aerodynamics. Its success led them to suggest an International Congress spanning the whole domain of applied mechanics: the first ICTAM was in 1924 in Delft, The Netherlands.

Previous ICTAM proceedings


Milan, Italy

Proceedings of the Congress have not been published.

All extended abstracts of the papers presented during the Congress are collected in the book entitled “25th International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics – Book of Abstracts”, edited by A. Corigliano and published by IUTAM, 2021

ISBN 978-83-65550-31-6



Montreal, Canada

The Proceedings, entitled “Mechanics – Foundation of Multidisciplinary Research” and edited by J.M. Floryan, have been published by Procedia IUTAM, 2017.

ISBN 978-0-660-05459-9



Beijing, China

The Proceedings, entitled “Mechanics for the World” and edited by Y. Bai, J. Wang and D. Fang, have been published by Procedia IUTAM, 2014. The Proceedings are open access



Adelaide, Australia

The Proceedings, entitled “Mechanics Down Under” and edited by J. Denier and M. Finn, have been published by Springer, 2013


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