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Membership of IUTAM

IUTAM is a democratic association with an annual general meeting of members (GMM). The core members are adhering organisations that pay an annual fee, and representatives of these organisations can vote at the GMM.

Board of Directors

A Board of Directors (BoD) runs the daily administration of IUTAM and the Directors are members of the GMM. The BoD has 4 Officers (President, Vice President, Secretary-General and Treasurer). The GMM also has affiliated organisations with non-voting rights, and a small number of experienced individuals who are Members-at-Large. 


Prof. N.A. (Norman) Fleck


Department of Engineering
Cambridge University

Prof. N. (Nadine) Aubry


Tufts University
Medford, MA

Robert McMeeking

Prof. R.M. (Robert) McMeeking

Secretary General

University of California Santa Barbara
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Santa Barbara

Prof. P. (Pilar) Ariza


University of Sevilla
School of Engineering


Prof. A.P.S. (Atila) Freire

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, UFRJ
Rio de Janeiro

Prof. I.G. (Irina) Goryacheva

Ishlinsky Institute for Problems in Mechanics
Russian Academy of Sciences

Prof. K. (Kikuo) Kishimoto

Tokyo Institute of Technology
School of Environment and Society

Prof. D. (Detlef) Lohse

University of Twente
Department of Science and Technology
The Netherlands

Members at Large

Prof. Yilong Bai

Prof. Peter Eberhard

Prof. Timothy Pedley

Prof. Jean Salencon

Prof. Werner Schiehlen

Prof. Bernhard Schrefler

Prof. Viggo Tvergaard

Congress & Symposia

The International Congress in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (ICTAM) holds a large international meeting every 4 years, and this is organised by the IUTAM Congress Committee and an executive committee appointed from within its ranks. The Secretary of the Congress Committee is a member of the GMM.

IUTAM sponsors a number of Symposia and Summer Schools each year. Recommendations for those Symposia and Summer Schools that should receive IUTAM sponsorship are made by two Symposium Panels. The two persons who serve as Chairs of the Symposium Panels are members of the GMM.

Members of the Executive Committee of the Congress Committee
for the period 2020-2024

Prof. N.A. (Norman) Fleck


Department of Engineering
Cambridge University

Prof. S. (Sanjay) Mittal


Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
Department of Aerospace Engineering

Prof. L. (Leslie) Banks-Sills

Tel Aviv University
School of Mechanical Engineering
Ramat Aviv

Prof. S. (Shiyi) Chen

Southern University of Science and Technology

Prof. A. (Alberto) Corigliano

Politecnico di Milano

Prof. H.D. (Heuy Dong) Kim

Andong National University
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Korea, Republic of

Prof. P.F. (Paul) Linden

University of Cambridge
Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics
Members of the Congress Committee
Year indicates end of term

Prof. P. (Pilar) Ariza (Spain) 2024

Prof. E. (Ellen) Arruda (USA) 2024

Prof. L. (Leslie) Banks-Sills (Israel) 2024 member of XCCC

Prof. L.C. (Catherine) Brinson (USA) 2024

Prof. S. (Shiyi) Chen (China) 2024 member of XCCC

Prof. A. (Alan) Cocks (UK) 2026

Prof. A. (Alberto) Corigliano (Italy) 2024 member of XCCC

Dr. R. (Raj) Das (Australia) 2026

Prof. A. (Anne) De Wit (Belgium) 2026

Prof. N.A. (Norman) Fleck (UK) 2024 Chair of CC and XCCC (ex officio)

Prof. J.M. (Maciej) Floryan (Canada) 2024

Prof. S. (Samuel) Forest (France) 2024

Prof. P. (Peter) Frick (Russia) 2024

Prof. E. (Elisabeth) Guazzelli (France) 2024

Prof. S. (Stefan) Hartmann (Germany) 2024

Prof. P. (Peter) Hunter (New Zealand) 2024

Prof. A. (Anne) Juel (UK) 2026

Dist. Prof. Y.Y. (Yoon Young) Kim (Korea, Republic of) 2026

Prof. H.D. (Heuy Dong) Kim (Korea, Republic of) 2024 member of XCCC (ex officio)

Prof. S. (Stefano) Lenci (Italy) 2026

Prof. P.F. (Paul) Linden (UK) 2024 member of XCCC

Prof. D. (Detlef) Lohse (Netherlands) 2026

Prof. G.H. (Gareth H.) McKinley (USA) 2024

Prof. S. (Sanjay) Mittal (India) 2024 Secretary of CC and XCCC

Prof. H. (Henryk) Petryk (Poland) 2024

Prof. S. (Stéphane) Popinet (France) 2024

Prof. G. (Gherhardt) Ribatski (Brazil) 2024

Prof. M.V. (Maria Vittoria) Salvetti (Italy) 2024

Prof. A. (Alfredo) Soldati (Austria) 2024

Prof. K.J. (Kathleen) Stebe (USA) 2024

Prof. S. (Shu) Takagi (Japan) 2026

Prof. W.-C. (Wei-Chung) Wang (China-Taipei) 2026

Prof. H. (Hiroshi) Yabuno (Japan) 2024

Prof. X.J. (Xiaojing) Zheng (China) 2024

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