10th IUTAM Symposium on Laminar-Turbulent Transition

10th IUTAM Symposium on Laminar-Turbulent Transition

2-6 Sep 2024
Nagano, Japan
Symposium Chairperson: Prof. Masaharu Matsubara
IUTAM Representative: Prof. Maciej Floryan

Transition from laminar to turbulent flow has attracted researchers since the work by Osborne Reynolds at the end of the 19:th century and is still an evolving and vibrant research field, both regarding the nature of various flow instabilities and the relation to the intrinsic mechanisms of turbulence generation as well as being important for many engineering applications. For the advancement of research of turbulence “embryology,” nine IUTAM Symposia have so far been held since the first in Stuttgart 1979, followed every five years by Novosibirsk 1984, Toulouse 1989, Sendai 1994, Sedona 1999, Bangalore 2004, Stockholm 2009, Rio de Janeiro 2014 and London 2019. The coming IUTAM Symposium on Laminar-Turbulent transition will be held in 2024 in Nagano, Japan to build on the progress made over the past 45 years. The main topics will be, but not limited to:

  • Boundary layer transition
  • Flow instability
  • Transition in engineering applications
  • Control of transition
  • Low Reynolds number turbulence or turbulent/laminar flow
  • Turbulence generation in transitional and developing turbulent flows

We welcome theoretical, experimental, numerical, as well as AI research on these topics. We are looking forward to your participation and enthusiastic discussions among the participants.

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