IUTAM Endorsed Symposium: 2nd BICTAM-CISM Symposium on Dispersed Multiphase Flows: From Measuring to Modeling

IUTAM Endorsed Symposium: 2nd BICTAM-CISM Symposium on Dispersed Multiphase Flows: From Measuring to Modeling

21-23 Aug 2024
Beijing, China
Symposium Chairperson: Prof. Christian Marchioli
IUTAM Representative: n/a

The BICTAM-CISM Symposium on Dispersed Multiphase Flows will bring together experts from Europe and China in the complementary fields of physics, applied mathematics, chemistry and engineering to present and discuss progress in research, development, standards, and applications of the topics related to dispersed multiphase flows, and will promote the exchange of new ideas, results and techniques by bringing together graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, faculty and researchers across government and industry. To ensure a long-lasting scientific interaction between the two communities, the Symposium is organized every 3 years, alternating between China and Europe. The first edition of the Symposium will be held at Tsinghua University, in Beijing.

Scope: The Symposium will provide the opportunity to compare and contrast the different available approaches, giving a global overview of the most significant advancements in the field. It will also serve the purpose of identifying the main open issues and research pathways that the community should focus on in the future. To these aims the Symposium will bring together internationally renowned scientists from all horizons (analytical, numerical, and experimental) to foster scientific exchange and strengthen interdisciplinary work among engineers, applied mathematicians, and physicists through invited lectures, contributed talks, and poster sessions.

Topics: The Symposium spans a wide selection of topics in the broad area of dispersed multiphase flows. The focus will be on generic aspects and physics of particulate flows (both viscous and turbulent), be it computer simulations, laboratory or field measurements, and theoretical studies. Among the topics to be included are: dynamics of particles, bubbles, and droplets in free and wall-bounded turbulence; rigid and deformable particle suspensions; non-Newtonian dispersed flows; reactive dispersed flows; advances in measurement and simulation techniques; modelling of collision, agglomeration and fragmentation/breakage phenomena.

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