Scope and Format of IUTAM Symposia


The aim of any symposium sponsored by IUTAM is to assemble a group of active scientists within a well-defined field for the development of science within that field.

In order to achieve an effective communication within this group it is necessary to limit the number of active participants sufficiently. To this end, all IUTAM Symposia are reserved for invited participants. Those wishing to participate in an IUTAM Symposium are therefore advised to contact the Chairman of the Scientific Committee in due time in advance of the meeting.

Invitations to participate, made by the Scientific Committee (see below), should be made only on the basis of scientific merit.


Following proposals made by prospective organizers and recommendations given by the two IUTAM Symposia Panels and by the IUTAM Bureau, the General Assembly decides upon topics to be treated at forthcoming symposia.

The IUTAM Bureau then appoints a Scientific Committee, which will become responsible for the symposium. The Scientific Committee proposes the date for the symposium, subject to approval by the Bureau.

The Secretary-General informs the Chairperson of the Scientific Committee about the Rules and Guidelines issued by the IUTAM Bureau and keeps them continually informed about any decisions regarding the symposium, which may be taken by the General Assembly or the Bureau.

The main responsibility of the Scientific Committee is the selection of scientists to be invited. It is responsible for the scientific quality and success of the Symposium.